[Quote] but with the availability of the online store, i would think there would be a significant stint with at least the resellers.

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based on prior releases there is usually only one or two items that are not restocked. is there really anything that wont be restocked, other than the lou reed shirt, that you cant get at a later time. because it seems pointless to campout unless you really want that lou reed shirt.

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rent is not gonna be cheap in decent areas in socal,a studio can run about 1000-1500 a month in areas like south pasadena, studio city, sherman oaks, north hollywood, west la. so a 2-3 bedromm cn un upwrd of 2000 a month.

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i like gambit better, but cyclops would waste him. -cyclops would be able to fire off his optic blast faster than gambit's ability to charge and throw a projectile. -cylclops creates his own energy blast, while gambit needs objects to charge -cyclops can create a constant optic blast in which the blast can just follow gambit until it hits him, and it would be very difficult for gambit to charge an object and throw it with accuracy while on the run -most important is range, optic blast has a much farther range than gambits ability to throw a projectile, he can just fire from a distance in which gambit would not be able to reach cyclops range > gambits agility

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wiki says team millenium gets voted off, striker team was in bottom 2.

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they need to bring back ja rule, he raced even though he couldnt see over the steering wheel, now thats gangsta.

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i dont want to watch the movie because diddy just bastardized the movie, just like everything he touches. diddy is the biggest ego maniac and takes credit for everything when things go well and wont take any responsibility when things go wrong.

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stainless rolex sub mariner black face and dial. college graduation present from parents.

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does jordan shave his head like twice a day or put some thing on his head, because there is never a trace or a shadow of hairline. my friend would bic his head everyday and there would be a shadow.

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this season as well as last looks like they took a page from the affirmative action handbook. quota -1)i dont need a man and watch me do guy push ups girls crew 2)obscure misunderstood, never seen a black person other than on tv, and has a snowballs chance in hell of winning midwest crew 3)urban trying to look extra hood, but not fooling anyone token black crew 4)scientifically choreographed, just got back from the anime convention asian crew and the 5)i could get any man but will end up marrying a rich old man girls crew.

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two apple pies with a caramel sundae.

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make clothes that you would wear, and let the cards fall where they may

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i always thought racheal ray on food network was pretty hot, and shes not exactly skinny.

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did they have any backpacks at the previous warehouse sale? and if they did how much?

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i am actually looking to minimize my wardrobe to just essentials. mainly because i always wear a suit to work and really only wear casual clothes on the weekends. im thinking: 2 jeans- blue, grey/black 2 pants- grey, khaki 2 polos- black, white 3 solid shirts- black, navy, white 1 crew sweater- navy 1hoodie-black 1 jacket north face 1 converse all star 1 vans authentic 1 nike gym shoes 1 clarks

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