nike swooshes make every shoe ugly, FACT.

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i think it's funny that he flashes a fucking xbox controller that t-shirt is fuckin tilly's sales rack steeze

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he smashed gaga's disko stiqq jugglin dem nuts in his pretty boi mouf

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drake smashed dat he like da COCK

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you only been to one concert

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efron be smashin dat yall mad

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high fashion. no clothes with logos. if ppl know what designer you're wearing in 2 seconds, you're fucking doin it wrong.

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Get 28. Sag em low. They have a long inseam (36" or sum shit) so you'll be aiite. You can get em RILL LOW NO HOMO

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all of these are fucking ugly i thought ya'll are supposed to be fresh pixel skin? shit looks like a lego shat on it.

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HOODED peacoat? da fucccc. bourgeois thug up in here shit is grosssss just layer da shit. aint hard son, use some fashion brain

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i want some cazals (via rocknrolla guy ritchie yall know)

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i'm 21. i just wear shit i like y'know i am me, do what i do etccc

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wallet FULL GRAIN LEATHER SO SOFT keys to the 2007 2-door MUSTANG GT v8 BABY and my malibu mansion ofc iphone 3g-S 16GB WHITE SHIT sunglasses like some ray-bans for dem coupon days, dior homme/prada for dem fly dayz shoes whatever da fucc i wanna be rockin dat day

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i aint never seen no child wearing designer threads that i do. dior homme, drkshdw, ysl... what are ya'll wearin?

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Pierre you owe me, still. It's been months.

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