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New track off of Mr. Hudson's upcoming project Straight No Chaser. I thought the worst when the beat came on, but the song is pretty dope. Kinda weird hearing Cudi in autotune, even though it's just for a few bars. Listen/Download HERE: [URL]

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Is dope. Some really good tracks on it...Download it HERE!: [URL] Getcha Some, Tomorrow, Desire Want and Need, Who Knows, UKNOWBIGSEAN, Million Dollars, Supa Dupa and Last for Life are some of my favorites.

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This shit is super dope. I liked the Dream's first album a lot, and I could see them making a really good album together. Kanye KILLS this. [URL] Shouts to Nah Right, and Hypetrak of course.

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Always my favorite artist. [URL]

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A new K-OS track, "4,3,2,1", off of his upcoming album "YES!" is on his myspace now. [URL] So so dope... he never dissapoints.

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[Image] a friend put me onto this, i think it's super dope... the producer sampled love lockdown and made a whole new beat to it, and i'm lovin' D-Why's flow throughout the whole song, tons of switch-ups, definitely a good listen. listen and download here: [URL]

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