only open to 16 to 24s, but for getting a few ad messages a day to your phone you get over 200 texts and 43 mins for putting up with them. pretty nice

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A new blackberry promotion got me thinking about getting one of these when my contract ends next week, anyone got one? love the fact that they aren't viewed on as business only tools these days and just seem loaded for the general consumer...

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whats peoples thoughts to this one? the 'difficult is worth doing' thing? no mention of honda, but its them alright. quite like these sort of mini-documentary style ads that are popping up more and more these days: <-behind the scenes stuff

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Ive been following this since yesterday and the video changed on that emergency subnet website. Im guessing its ARG but maybe even a movie trailer? who knows.

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Eugene, I do indeed, but re-enforcing stereotypical racial views don't help.

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I can be hypocritical and sarcastic as I'm not posting on a news/info page where the source is generally supposed to have no sway. ;p

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Good to see some intelligence on the boards..

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I have mentioned it before, but I am mentioning it again. They keep having digs at brands, or just general sarcastic comments in articles, and to be honest it's getting a little tired. I mean, check this one: "McDonalds Hong Kong Presents The SiLLY THING Double Quarter Pounder Most North American's most likely won't bat an eye at this recent Double Quarter Pounder promotion done by McDonalds Hong Kong in conjunction with Hong Kong lifestyle brand SiLLY THING, then again North American women don't look like pre-adolescent boys either. This is by all means a big burger in the land of 130 lbs pinners as we hope Hong Kong women devour these in droves in hopes of developing some curves." Im not even American, but I find this totally offensive, just seems wrong on so many levels. Thoughts?

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next iphone will be a while yet... its a totally different product cycle on this one i think. they can tweek the CPU speeds from software updates, and are slowly unlocking, and adding new stuff as time goes on. The SDK is only just around the corner, and some of the apps that are coming look unreal. Will be able to use it as a camera for ichat... all sorts of shit. on a side note - got a weird thing going on with mine, i have noticed a strange system icon appear for short periods of time sometimes when im traveling around. it appears where the EDGE/WIFI icon usually is but looks like circles? usually happens when my EDGE/WIFI/SUBSPOT changes and it appears for hardly any time...? something to do with the new update?

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Makes me lol how Hypebeast constantly do posts where they just have personal digs at brands, items. It's getting very tiresome. "Supreme 2008 Summer/Fall Collection Preview Terrible quality pictures of Supreme's releases slated for 2008 Summer and Fall have been released. The magazine scans pretty much cover your standard Supreme fair from hoodies, 5-panels, to t-shirts and accessories such as key-chains and gigantic Mag-Lites. Stay tuned for the official Supreme release which will inevitably do the products much more justice." Yeah we know the pics ain't that hot, but if you don't like them, then find your own source and shoot yourself rather than bitching.. THEN using the pics?

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ah nice! its been bugging me for ages, thanks man!

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Got the Ballistic K pack myself, and honestly, I have been wearing backpacks for a number of years, and the build quality on this is insane. It's just amazing, and every detail has been thought about. The only nagging thing is this... there is a pop stud that i cant figure out what its for, it doesnt seem to do anything, does anyone know? (to the right of the vertical zipper) [Image]

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Okay, found out the info through another thread, for anyones info, the jacket is Woolrich Woolen Mills

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Anyone any idea what brand this jacket Lupe is rocking? and even if its in season to cop? I did think it was DPMHI at first, as we know he wears them a lot, but doesnt seem to be.... [Image]

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Selling a Leroy Jenkins hoodie: [Image] Medium in size, but fits like a LARGE, (measurements: Pit to pit: 23" Zip length (neck to bottom hem: 25" I have only worn this once, as its too large, but its such a great piece it has been in my wardrobe waiting to see if i could find a replacement, so in new condition great checkerboard blue inner and green floral motif pattern on outer. Label states: Dry clean or hand washable. its on ebay at the mo, but accepting offers from hypebeasters sorry for quality on photos, having to use iphone as my digital camera battery insta-dies.

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