Awesome deal. Got the shoes in 7 days here in Queensland, Australia. Pretty damn fast shipping. Very good communication and has the best prices around! Pleasure doing business with him. Cheers AIYA8

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Haha, it's going to be winter soon here in Australia, but if it WAS summer i'd wear the Cons cts mid (white, red blue in leather).

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That is disgusting. Wonder if he settled the lawsuit...??

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In between 2 and 3 really.

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finger lickin' good!

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Google says it's 288

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[Quote] ditto again

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Gran Turismo 5 on ps3

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^^ Yea, site looks a bit dodgy. Even though legit, wouldn't buy from it.

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The most comfortable shoes I have worn are Converse CTS. Any of them really, low mid or high. As someone else said, skate shoes would be the best bet.

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Dude...!! That is the craziest thing I have seen in a while! Awesome job man.

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Around 10ish. Mostly Nike & Converse.

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Awesome designs man. Love the slogan and the light grey design... Probably the structural engineer in me blushing)

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[Quote] Definitely go to the dermatologist... It's the way I went and it cleared in 6 months tops!

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'91 was a great year for sure

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