So me and the homie are planning a trip in the fall and we wanna either go to DC for Howard's Homecoming, NY, or ATL. We're just tryna visit and have a good time, turn up, sight see, get on some bitches, etc.. Money really isnt a issue but we just wanna go where we can have the best experience. What do yall recommend?

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[Quote]Yo this had me weak as fuck lmfao

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Anyone know of any really good artists in the bay or LA? I'm tryna get a panther but I want it done right

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This weekend I'm going to Seattle for a conference from Friday-Sunday, and I'ma have plenty of time to go out. So do ya'll have any recommendations on clubs or bars to hit up while I'm out there? When I went last time we hit up the strip club and a house party that ended up getting shot up lol

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[Quote]where's this spot at? i'ma hit it up lol

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I live in Richmond and go to UC Berkeley. If you have any common sense, you know what parts of Richmond and Oakland to stay out of.

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[Quote]this shit had me weak

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[Quote]I do. The Return of Mr. Zone 6 is my shit.


I can't believe so many niggas have shitted on themselves cuh

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[Quote]damn she bad cuh

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I can't fuck with white girls to be honest. I like black girls, especially dark pretty ones, and hispanic if she real bad. She just gotta look good of course, have a good head on her shoulders, be intelligent, and carry herself well. My body is too soulful to share with ratchets.

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I say wassup but I'm not about to go out of my way just to say hi to a nigga

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[Quote]I'm going to hell for this, but this shit had me weak

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[Quote]Nah, it's more like over 1000 out of 30k students. The black population is only about 3.6%, but the black community is still closely knit and we all get along really well, so it's a good experience. I got denied from UCLA and UCSD, so my choice was between Berkeley, USC, and a full ride to Howard. I'd say I made the right choice.

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