ok this may be random and stupid but recently i put neon laces in my denim dunk lows and they came out great...ii just wanted to see other ppl's kicks with neon laces in them as well. lets see what we can do! here is my pair of dunks with neons [URL]

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Desktop Enhancements Wallpapers! W/E!

Ok so ii was just on iss and ii was looking at their art/photography/w/e section and ii saw some nice wallpapers but then ii saw some guy with a transparent like toolbar thingy at the bottom of the screen. I just wanted to make a post and learn how to do this so I could maybe edit my desktop...its getting kind of boring. So post tutorials, websites, and links that can possibly help me and other ppl to figure out how to do this. I will post an example pic below. Thanx in advance guys! [Image]

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