no0 v.2.0 is bringing back the help in HB smokeyface

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New Banks is out and London is back. Coincidence, I think not! @Juany That looks mad good. Where is your restaurant at? Next year, I will be in Chicago with my girl for the Belizean festival.

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[Quote] Man, I always regret not seeing Danny Brown. I had tickets to see Ferg, Rocky, and Brown then my girl was playing games. She didn't like them because that was back when Danny was doing XXX and ASAP was fairly new. She made up every excuse in the book for us to not go that night.

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For me, it was either this XL LRG hoody or my baggy ass girbauds. When I look back at it, I am like damn what the hell was I doing with these gigantic clothes on my small self laughing

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Iunno man, I hate all the swear thrown on there. I mess with the tees (getting both), coach's jacket, and ma-1's when reversed but I would probably never touch the generation side.

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Icey Rolex, I feel like you get that experience if you go to enough concerts. A few friends and I went to a Lil B concert a few years back. My boy pregamed hard before. We go in and he is still hitting the bar. These banging girls are there and he was totally gone that he buys them all drinks. The best looking one/group leader one starts hitting on him. Her boyfriend and his friends comes over and pushes him. My boy being so gone, takes out like 300 bucks in 20s and throws it in the dude's face and says "she's attracted to this." Worst part was none of us were near him at the time. We were closer to the front of the stage while the bar was through a sea of people to the right. The security guard saved my boy's life that night. Funniest thing was explaining to him after he sobered up that he wasted about 600 dollars buying girls drinks and throwing money at those guys. He really had no recollection.

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Glad that it wasn't chrohns. Hopefully they clear you of colitis too.

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@Al People with eczema can get fatal reactions from small pox vaccinations. You need the vaccine to go overseas with many branches of the military. My little brother has eczema, it really isn't bad at all to have. Treat it well and no one knows you have it

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Chukes got that baby Ving Rhames look.

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[Quote] I hear ya man. I just find it crazy because almost every dude on there expects sex and they stay finessing these chicks find who is pretty with lower rates. My boy and I always talk about how much money girls can truly make off selling their bodies in one way or another.

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It is a site where girls date guys for money or shelter. They usually end up banging them. Here is an ad from the site. Shit is crazy. [Embed content]

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My boy went on seeking arrangement just to see what it was all about. We ended up finding a few of his exes, some chicks that he was talking to, a girl we went to school with, and my god sister smh Shit is crazy though. These chicks don't really wanna work for anything. More power to the guys on there, finessing these young girls for purses and over priced meals. I hope these girls realize that living that lifestyle runs out as you get older unless you get one of those dudes caught up

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[b]Naomi Russell[/b] Abella Anderson Darlene Amaro Bolded because she is GOAT potential


@Captain AI Merch looks eh... There is Donda West shirt and Rob Kardashian shirt that looks airbrushed. There is a t-shirt that says tour and a long sleeve shirt version. I got the long sleeve for free. Hoody that says the same as well. There was a dad hat but it sold out mad quick. On the DSLR thing, I wish I brought mine. The rules stated the venue didn't allow but I saw a bunch of people that had one. I would find out first.

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Saint Pablo Tour was pretty lit. One thing I appreciate about Kanye's shows is how it isn't like a traditional rap concert. Dude really does try to give you a different experience from a traditional concert and I go to multiple concerts every month. @pokeMANZ My seats were at eye level and were perfect. The pit looked epic as hell, but you have to deal with the hoards of people chasing the stage around so I bet you won't mind. I have a picture of the tour on my Instagram for an eye level shot. We were like 8 rows up in the seats

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