Uhh...I think you're in the wrong subforum. on a side note, this looks pretty legit if you want to find 'technical partners': [URL]

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KnightMonkey, the code still works. You might've inputed it wrong bro

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For those that are still looking, JonsALegend's code [B]LXE7[/B] is still working(props)and if that one doesn't work another member sent me [B]WBB6[/B] and that seems to be working as well. Also note that I got this email after I signed up: "Thanks for your interest in joining Goodlook.me(beta)! Your place in queue for a beta account has been registered. We will contact you again when beta testing begins." So the site isn't out yet(wack) but you're reserving a spot to be the first ones to try it. Just a heads up

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Does anyone have a [URL] If you've got one hook a brother up and either post it up here or shoot me a PM. If I find one I'll post it up.

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[Quote] I'm wondering too. Does anyone knows this?

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Good shit guys, I'm liking this thread

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N.E.R.D is dropping off...I remember when I first hear them, shit was amazing.

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[Quote] LOL. Agreed

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Ive been rocking a Gravis backpack. Its convenient cause its got a lot of pockets/a laptop compartment which is important for a college kid.

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^I remember watching that, shit was sick

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[Quote] HAHA, same here bro. It really is.

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Did you find it yet? If not give me a PM

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Lord of the Rings, I really tried.

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are you dead yet?

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video is sick, i'm really feeling this joint

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