What do you guys think of the red Visvims in the complex that were designed for the states and set to be sold at certain boutiques here. I think they look pretty straight. [Image]

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[Image] Any one have any guesses on where these might be sold ?? they look kinda nice

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Hey, I'm a big Nash fan and i slept on these i saw them for 150.00 now at 130.00 and was wondering if you guys think its worth that much since the midsole crack. Im waiting to see if they'll go lower in price but i just wanted your guys opinion. thanks

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Any one ever order from this place ? I placed an order for a tee there and i accidentaly deleted the confirmation e-mail. That was on 12/7 and i still havent received the shirt. Ive tried sending them e-mails no response. I havent called yet cause they are in New Zeland. Plus they debited my bebit card already. Anyone have have any info on this place ? Thanks

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Are these really worth the $$$$ i was considering buying the nonselvaged ones. also does anyone know of the sizing. I wear like 32 in diesel i heard they run small

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I looked in the new Complex mag they had a little piece on if Nike could sue Bathing Ape cause of the BapeSta being basically an AF1. Funny part is I'm 99.9% sure the picture they used of a BapeSta was a fake. Check it out see what you think.

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Is there another site besides Notone that sells it. I tried to search the forums but no luck. Thanks for any responses blushing i'd like to see if i can get my hands on a dipset shirt though i probably won't be able too smh

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i found this pretty funny [URL]

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Found these on e-bay by Pondon ... these look horrible in my opinion :thumbsdown: [Image]

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Any one know which sunpacs carry the one i went to didnt have one ?

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