haha, one of the anchors on NBC last night thought the cameras were off and said, "what the fuck are you doing?" to somebody on the air.

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[Quote] haha. i'm not a "scene fag" but i like how you used that term and you're about to go see those bands. my guess is that you're one of those kids in "scene fag" denial because you did it first. you've still got the tight jeans and the AA tee. dropping the names of obscure indie bands (knowing that a very small percentage of the people on this board have even heard of those names) helped me come to this conclusion. plus you're from brooklyn. i might be off, but i'd be really happy if i pinpointed this one. not that i expect you to tell the truth if i caught you blushing

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[Quote] that already happened, i assume you just wanted to say something about stacking

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i like to get high more often, but drinking is more gratifying because i only do it once or twice a week. i like smoking after i'm drunk so that i can feel completely fucked up for about a half hour, eat something and pass out.

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may 30th, but im not gonna go. i figure my real fun is going to be in wildwood...some beach town near us where everyone rents houses for the weekend after prom. no use in spending money on a tux, my date's ticket and a limo just to sit at a table for a few hours anticipating a weekend of good times.

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[Quote] haha i have a feeling an anti-gentrification and/or anti-hipster serial killer is going to pop up in brooklyn. anyways, community college for now, i intend to transfer to UCSB or Rutgers for Pharmacology.

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went to 9/16" and now i just have vagina ears

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a bunch of salt & vinegar chips between 2 oreos. it was good so i made a bunch more sandwiches.

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if shes on her period..."well, your ass isn't bleeding."

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^ i feel you on those anti-weed commercials. especially the one where the dude is laying in bed and answers the phone. it doesn't even explain the situation. i hate amy winehouse, douchebag drivers, and the people at the DMV who gave said drivers a license.

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[Quote] hahahaha so good

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[Quote] re-read, i didnt whisper.

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got blocked last night. was chillin with this girl at a party and a girl i used to hook up with went up to her and whispered some shit. whatever it was, she just bounced after riding me for like an hour.

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moving this summer to brooklyn because the school im attending in manhattan doesnt have dorms

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