Anybody on here gonna be in japan or live there so you can cop me some when they drop? I need these shoes. :love:

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Hey does anybody know if DQM will do phone orders??

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Got any names of stores/peeps who already got them in? I'm down to call them

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Hey if anybody who lives near a foot patrol can cop me a pair of the new AM 90's when the come out in a US 10.5 hit me up with a private message or email me at [email][/email]

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I'm feeling the brown ones in the UNDFTD pack...straight up FIRE

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Somebody should set up an RSS feed for the news section that would be ill

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Hey i'm gonna be going to NY sometime near the end of june and i was wondering if there was any way to get into the ID studio....whats the deal

Started by ID Studio NY, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

Normally the holiday edition shoes are real easy to find...sometimes you can find them at random shoe stores but if you go to your local skate shop they should have them

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I'm feeling this line. Yeah they're using the same AF1 template for the shoes but they wouldn't do it if it wasn't sick. There's a reason that everybody is doing it...its fire.

Replied in Greedy Genius, 2 Weeks ago in Brands tends to have just about everything

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I dont have the link on hand but i know there is a really in-depth stuffing guide on

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Screw that, if you get it just sell to us hypebeasters....tongueface everybody else

Replied in BBC and Ice Cream, 2 Weeks ago in Brands had a pair a few days ago

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If you're about to buy at karmaloop you should peep my discount. [URL] They said they're more artful dodger ish in soon too

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A little birdie should tell me, i'm dying over here...just moved from SF and its crap here

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