Although I have only been on the forums a short time, I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of students in the community who have research based assessments. I also know that forum users don't want links to online questionnaires spammed at them in threads. So I want to make this thread that people can post information to promote any projects they are working on that they would like members of the street wear community to be participants in. I'll go first. My study is looking at what factors make people buy sneakers. You can help by completing this online questionnaire at this address: Thank you if you do it, and good luck to anybody who uses this thread for data collection.

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I regretted alot of things at the time, like things in strange colours. But I'd hang onto them, you might just find something else that will make it work. Just don't buy a netbook.

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Hmmmmm I wouldn't say I was but I never leave my house without my lucky crucifix necklace... So maybe I'm a believer?

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I played the first one again recently and was really scared of moving out of cover because I didn't have any camoflarge. Black sneaking suit against white snow? How could I not be seen?

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So many people are wearing that (gucci etc) style. I actually find 50 cents style rather refreshing.

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This looks like call of duty with a halo skin.

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If it counts, the nowhere/ last orgy 2 collection (a bathing ape X undercover)

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All black adidas stan smith 2

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Metal gear solid: peace walker Kingdom hearts: birth by sleep Both are the best entries in their respective series's

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U mad. literally Listen, I was like you last year. Misery is the only thing that awaits you. You mean well, you appear to be trying to highlight problems but you come accross as a self rightous cunt. If you're half as intelligent as you claim to be, you will understand that changing the situation is impossible. Just chill. make changes where you can, but you burning yourself out won't change things.

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I was asked once. I just told them that they looked good and that washing them would detract from this and thatthat would constitute a sin. They agreed.

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Just a little, to add a twist. Guys with jeans that have no sag look old. Not even mature. Just old

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These [Image]

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These [Image]

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Chav wear is right. I think a good way of describing chavs to somebody not from the UK would be this: Do you remember that 300 parody episode of south park and how it described persians? The're the same as that. I believe the term is Nouve riche. They just through jewlery and fasionable clothing together, forgetting that the overall look is not the sum of its parts. I don't like superdry because of it's generic faux vintage designs. That and its sheer popularity and wide availability plays havoc with my emo syndrome. I'm not hating on the brand: I came into this thread in order to see if any other japanophiles found it wiered that this didn't make it flare up. and if you wear it, pay me no mind: I'm a fucked up walking mass of complexes.

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