Someone sell me one. Size large. I don't check these forums much anymore, so either PM me or [URL] me.

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Looking to get rid of these. Both are XL but fit way closer to a Large. I'm a true large and these were the best fit for me. Both are close to new, worn maybe 3-5 times each. Looking for 90 a pop but shoot me an offer because I want to get rid of these quick. [Image] Short sleeved APC shirt. [B][URL][/B]

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I'm sure you Nike heads know these. The SB Homers that were released in March of 2004 in Australia only. I'm bummed that I'm selling these but I don't wear them and I want them to go to a good home. They're gorgeous to look at and even nicer to wear. I've only worn them about 3 times (twice indoors) and the previous seller wore them about 5 times. These are in ridiculous condition. These are going for as low as 280 on eBay. I was hoping for about 250 because there is a slight bit of heel damage [U](noted below)[/U] from my cat scratching them, but am open to offers because I wanna sell these quick. [Image]

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Can't get pictures of this until like 2 days from now, but I'm tryna get rid of one of the Hirst box tees. Brand new, with tags, never worn. We all know what it looks like but here are the product shots anyways. I'll update with my own pictures in a day or so, but the shirt is brand new regardless so it looks the exact same. Wouldn't mind getting 70 for this,but shoot me an offer. [B]Size Large. [/B] [Image]

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Streets of NY must look like the Macys parade right now

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Just sayin.

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I don't know who else saw it, but I'm sure it was a big reference to another movie. I can't figure out what it was a reference to but I know I've seen the movie. Someone help me out?

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Don't know if anyone would be down to do a denim world tour, but its an idea I had. LMK.

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Why do I feel like I'm the only one that missed this haha. As usual, some of the songs on the mixtape are repeats from stuff he later released on an album, but some are ones I haven't heard before. Doope. [Image]

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how 2 cop?

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Just read some interview on Pitchfork, where Justin Vernon was talking about how he did a grip of songs with Kanye, now he's talking about working with Rick Ross, Nikki Minaj etc. [URL] [Quote] Discuss.

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Anyone follow this? Caught myself up on it in like a week. Such a good show.

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One of my favourite movies of all time. Just watched it again the other night. Anyone seen it?

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How do you guys feel about them? Anyone use one here? Been debating picking one up.

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Ripped my favourite demimzzzz last night. I know about the denim doctor/denim therapy or w/e but are there any other people who are good at it? Esp someone in Toronto, that'd be epic. [Image]

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