[Quote]You got an extra Japanese katakana character in there that isn't supposed to be there.

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[Quote]LOL Get 'em! Haha.

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[Quote]Your drums are a little harsh, catching some distortion, bad frequencies. What are you using?

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[Quote]I like how your grooming techniques center around scoring. LOL

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[Quote]The comments there are hilarious.

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At least he was nice enough to put his blinkers on afterwards. LOL And that guy had issues.

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Man, I hate interviewers and I feel sorry for pro athletes and celebs. The way they ask questions and the questions they ask are annoying as hell. Love Kobe, can't wait to see him back.

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[Quote]LOL Yup. You don't want to end up on "Academic Probation." Look OP, be smart, go to class, but have fun.

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[Quote]Concur with everything.

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OP said "commit" like he is a Rivals.com recruit. LOL Anyway, congrats and good luck. And yes, college is the shit, but don't fuck up and waste your money (even if you get grant money or scholarships). Meaning: try to graduate and not flunk-out. Oh yeah and first thing you should do is get a "COLLEGE" tshirt. Because wearing that is instant motivation for enjoying those fine 4, 5, 6, or even 7 years of your life. haha (SARCASM!)

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[Quote]Pretty good sound.

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Ray J had Kim as a porn co-star. Ye has Kim as a steady, regular girlfriend (probably eventually a wife) that is carrying his child. Why would 'Ye care what Ray J has to say? See, that's the funny thing about priorities and perspectives. If you are expecting a child, you think you're gonna have time to be worrying about and catching feelings about what someone says? It's still a funny situation though. LOL

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[Quote]I listen to the tracks. I don't go one-by-one though. I know that you, Quincy, do not have a problem in this area, but I will say to anyone that needs the advice that presentation even on a message board matters. If a person just posts a link then most people won't visit the page. However, if they have some graphics that catches a person's eye and it looks smooth and professional then we are more than likely going to click. So, to get people to click your link and hear your music go for either a YouTube video screenshot with a good graphic or an image-link with a good graphic. Also, you guys would be surprised who reads this thread because there are people in the music business who are always looking for new, fresh talent. I am sure that music people from all over the world have heard of Hypebeast and may make their way to this thread. : )

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I love the school of industrial design. I have always been interested in it. I am a graphic and web designer. I like engineering and design so it seems natural that I would have an interest in industrial design. One thing that I like to study is the European industrial design. I'm into furniture and product design. The thing that I love about it is being in control of helping people utilize an object in the most unique, efficient or comfortable way. Like I said, I am a graphic and web designer, but I do find myself developing ideas for product design. I will keep my eye out for anything I can post here.

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It's a decent design. Nice styling. I would wear it. I appreciate any Native chief head and the fonts chosen go well with it. I wish it was a larger image of the preview.

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