umm, last season fit baggy, maybe this season they toned down the length im hoping. anyone with a medium button up this seasoncan confirm?

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ya they arent responding to my emails either. ordered the wolf button up in small and they told me they sold out. i asked them if these fit slim in hopes a medium would fit me and havent gotten a response in 3 days

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in n out fries > /thread

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benny, are any other retialrs gonna carry the backpack, like mltd?? pleaseee say yes! i need 1

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[Quote] they got spanish blood in them.confirmed pinoys got biggest asian dicks. pushing 6.5+ avg

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hows it feel to have an 8 incher? ive always wondered. tbh phillippines should be way high aroun 6.6 area

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first time jacking off vs first time having sex?? discuss! smokeyface

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Aight, so I got a little dick. And I'm sure a lot of yall dudes on here do to since the majority of u are simp pinoys. So I'm here to let yall know, it's not over yo. It's just certain ways you gotta go about this shit feel me. I know you feel like the whole world is against you, and your left out, but get rid of that mindstate. I'm here to teach yall niggas the ins and outs to this little dick lifestyle, ya dig. 1. NO GROUP SEX!  ya dig. The last thing you want to happen is your in the room with mad niggas and bitches, and niggas start pullin their dicks out, and yours is the smallest one, and everyone in the room starts laughing at you. You can't have that son. No coming back from that. So what you wanna do is always have an excuse. When niggas say, yo we got some hoes coming through, tell niggas u gotta stomach ache, or you being loyal to wifey, or wait til they get there and say them bitches is wack. Think of something. If you have to, find one bitch and take her away from the crowd and fuck her. But none of that same room shit, bitches be embarrassing niggas for fun. 2. Don't fuck bitches that's well known by the family! Because then, she tells one person and your whole family now knows you have a little dick. You don't want to have to live with that. You don't wanna hear your moms saying hey, dinners ready you little dick ass nigga, not cool 3. Fuck small chubby bitches. Them hoes is kinda tight and cant really take too much dick. So you should be good money with them. 4. Either lay bitches on their stomach and fuck them from behind, or lay them on the side and fuck them from back. You can get a lot of dick in there that way 5. DON'T EAT PUSSY! Yeah I know some bitches like to say, if you got a little dick, eat the pussy. Fuck that shit! It's bad enough u got a little dick, don't throw away the rest of your manhood and dignity by eating the pussy. Finger a bitch if you have to, rub her clit, but don't eat it. Save some of that dignity 6. Find a wifey that loves you for you. A low key girl, who doesn't like to club too much. Who really loves humanity, wants to save the whales and shit like that. She'll work with you and be loyal. But don't mess with these twitter bitches who always talk about big dicks, and smokin kush. Cuz even if you wife them hoes it's gone be some big dick nigga banging that down. And even if your girl is quiet, but she hangs around girls who live that fast life, eventually she's gonna run into a big dick also 7. Don't fuck bitches with loud mouth hoodrat friends. 8. Always keep a comeback in mind just incase word gets around. It can be a lie, or truth. Tell niggas the girl pussy stanks, she had doo doo stains in her thongs, something to that nature. But don't let her get away with it. 9. Fuck virgins, or bitches who haven't had much dick. Or hoes who fuck for fun. Them one size fits all bitches, who love dick so much they don't care what kinda of dick it is. 10. Stop giving a fuck. You got a little dick, so what. Some niggas ain't got no feet, some niggas aint got no arms. Some niggas aint got no dicks at all. Just take that L, move on and stop giving a fuck. BONUS COMMANDMENTS : Try not to fall in love too deeply. The last thing you want to happen is that a girl you were really in love with can't be with you, and the reason is because you have a lttle dick. That a put you on suicide watch. Try to keep your feelings out of the equation. And this commandment really should have been number 1 Don't base your whole life around sex. Focus on getting money and doing the things you like to do. Buy the video games you want, go to wrestling matches, basketball games, rap concerts. Things you enjoy. If you base your whole life around females and sex, your gonna just be putting pressure on yourself. Expand your mind Hopefully I helped some of my fellow little dick niggas. If you got some advice of your own, feel free to add on. To all the big dick niggas out there, we salute. Yall keep doing yall things out here in these streets. We ain't got no hate towards yall, we just some little dick niggas tryna make it in the world. To all yall bitches who shit on niggas for having little dicks, fuck yall bitches, yall pussies stank, and yall titties is mad droopy. I'm out this bitch

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Question. Is it bad to ask for her # on this first approach? Or should i give her my number If its okay to ask for her number how does one go about that in a smooth manner.

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Okay so I go to community college and I always see this girl waiting for class at this building I walk through to go home. She's really pretty but she is usually sitting on a bench looking at her phone when I walk by. What is something I can say to her to show I'm interested without coming off as awkward. I want to land her number. Need good advice! Thanks!! PS we are complete strangers

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[Quote] lmao can u evaluate. why in the blue hell would i kiss her and cawp a feel within 10 minutes of being in her presence

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hey there is a hot chick at starbucks. sitting like 20 feet across from me. she on her laptop, how to approach? should i just drop my number on a paper to her when i leavE? what should it say?

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[Quote] goddam this is gold. i wish i read it before i went! we basically just talked and i got her to laugh a lot and fall more for me. but maybe next monday i'll try this out..

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UPDATE: things have been kinda slow, cuz i got CB'd by this one ♥♥♥♥♥ in class. anyways we gonna meet up for first time outsida school to get some coffee soon (today). what to do to imply i want some head or a make out session at the very least lol?

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[Quote] where's this sweater from doe

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