Bump!!! What has happened to this site.

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As we all know the collaboration between h&m and Balmain will be dropping on the 5th of November. I have never been a real fan of Balmain. I really just like Their biker jeans, but the price is outrageous. Embellishnyc has better ones that are actually affordable. Check the site if you are interested. Is any one gonna cop anything on the 5th of November? I want to get the 50 dollar military style blazers and 80 dollar shirt. I don't live in New York so my only choice is buying online. Which I doubt will work. Is the any way I can cop without going to new York? And who else here is planning on getting something. Thanks.

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[Quote]what anime?

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[Quote]ids on these? what brand are they?

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ayt, going straight to the point. i am in Tokyo spending Christmas and maybe new year. i was wondering if any one knows where the bad bitches at over here. I've had enough with all the identical flat asses i am seeing everywhere , i need a real babe. someone fill me in with the hotspots. thanks.

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its been a while since i have posted here filling pieces and monster headphones [Image]

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[Quote]you just missed out bro.   http://phl17.com/2014/11/19/walmart-tricked-into-selling-ps4-consoles-for-90/

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where can i find a good camo joggers? nothing to expensive.

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[Quote]that ass so low!!!!!

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[Quote]bella starr!!!!

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thanks guys ;) [Image]

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[Quote]you are the trash!!!

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