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If you buy over $200 i ship the goods free of charge and throw in some stickers and small nick nacks. I am open to nego but no Lowballers and BS please [B]LIMITED EDITION WHIZ

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I know this is HB and the age demographic starts at pre-school but there are some fathers out there. If you take care of yours i salute you ! [Image] <3

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i dont know if this topic was ever covered but here comes my contribution http://[Image] You Welcome blushing

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This is one of the most anticipated collaboration between Stussy and Neighborhood is something serious that hasn

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All you so called street &#8220;clothing lines&#8221; selling crappy shirts I have a beef with you &#8211; and here is my beef. I am tired of seeing dope designs on crappy shirts and when I say crappy I don&#8217; mean crappy in a sense its un-wearable I mean in a sense it doesn&#8217;t worth paying 40 bucks crappy. Tired of the same ole Gildan, AAA, American Apparel overload &#8211; those shirts are sold $3 bucks wholesale (and if u are a smart businessman you are buying them wholesale). I know what you gonna say &#8211; it&#8217;s the art printed on the shirt that dictates the value &#8211; well yes and no. Why put your &#8220;art&#8221; on the same overplayed canvas when you have so many other and I might add better options. In my opinion Cut and Sew is the way to go. Take example of brands like: Mark Ecko cut&sew (hence the name), milkcrate, 10deep etc&#8230; In every major city you have your fabric supplier who has tons of different options for t-shirt cotton options same with small manufacturers ( I bet I could find at least 10 Chinese owned small shops in every major city) who would make the shirts according to your requirements. Play with your options &#8211; make double stitched shoulders, labels in-between the seems&#8230;. I don&#8217;t know go crazy on the patterns &#8211; and this wouldn&#8217;t cost you more than 6 bucks for the shirts. When ist all done than you have something unique to put your ART on. Trust me you would make a mark and stand out with this approach &#8230;&#8230;and this was just about tshirts

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do i care no - but i thought there was some striking resemblance [Image] at least Obey gives props to LL

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i am in LA right now and looking for some dope shops. I know about EL Mercando , but would like some more suggestions. Peace

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I have some rare AD's in my possesion sizes from L-3XL. Hoodies Jeans Tshirts Jackets how much would you pay lets say for the black rose/dagger hoodies?

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Anybody from NYC i need your help. Really digging this line and i need to cop the "blaster" bling. They only have a physical store: 203 West 125 Str. called Atmost Harlem NYC phone#212.666.2242 [Image]

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created this chartoon character of me a few years ago, before i even knew there is a Pharell cratoon version - but i did get inspired by Baby Milo creations so thats biting a bit. Check it [Image] what cha ya'll think?

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If you want inovation, quality u gotta check this line out http://www.emaharishi.com/maha.htm These cats were doing the all over print way before Bape. Their ish reminds me of Artful Dodger or is AD reminds of Maharishi....hmmm

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some of their ish is ill - cant compare to Artful Dodger or nothing , but still is worth to check it [Image]

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