You connect with random people and play cooperative tasks to increase you score [URL]

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Rodney Coursey A kid from the college im going to is trying to promote real hip-hop music that has died at least a decade ago from local dj's, rappers etc. anyone from the tri-state area New York, New Jersey, Conneticut please Please PLEASE hit up his website contact them and try to promote yourself friends and others doing positive things for the movement of hip-hop. He is exremely serious with this project, so if anyone would like to be a part of this movement Please Support! [URL]

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We all have to admit that a majority of us have bought an article of clothing at the time that was the "Trend" and looking back at our purchase we say "What the shit!?"?) regretting what we have bought. So what are some good articles of clothing that are timeless so most of us wont have that regret feeling?

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I believed McDonalds had it's own currency and you needed it to buy their food.

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Without getting a fbi letter sent to my house and its a trustworthy website?

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Someone Call the D.E.A. this is dopesmokeyface [URL]

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Where to cawp some good quality ones?blushing

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[Image] pshh those were mine

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whos gonna see it?

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Im planning on growing an afro, Just curious are there any shortcuts, products, routines, diets, anything that would promote hair growth quicker? smokeyface

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Motherfuckers need to know! [Image]

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Post Where you work, how you got the job, and the perks of working there GO! Sandwich Artist Subway This kid i knew for 2 weeks got me that bitch, hahah the only good thing about working there is they feed your ass

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