Hey guys, anyone know of any places in Perth that have a selection of adidas originals stuff? cheers

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A lot of countries play, but there are a number of countries who are streets ahead of the competition. These would be AUS, NZ, South Africa, France, Argentina, Wales, Ireland the US and Canada always get in to the world cups, as does Japan and a few other European countries.

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Perth here

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Anyone in to Rugby?

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Vs for sure!

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all in shoe rack by front door

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we got Country Road here in aus, they have some nice loafer type things... google should help find them

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Ill be spending a couple weeks in Osaka in a month... anyone been there and know good places for shoes?

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I had an air powered yellow beach bugy that was made by TOMY

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awesome, cant wait!

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somebody wanted reunion show..... did you watch the last season of curb your enthusiasm?? they are all in it

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hey bro, are those size 11 vans RAD syndicate kicks still available?

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