For me the first piece I ever got was an LRG jacket that my brother gave me. It was black with white strips around the wrist and collar. It also had a gold LRG zipper and logo. It was a track jacket now that I think about it. I remember I wore it to school and all my friends thought it was super cool. It was the first piece that I ever got and helped me get more into streetwear. Before that maybe what I had was air forces, I always had a clean pair of white ones. Also I had some Retro 2s in blue and white. From a young age, I always kept my shoes clean and felt good rocking them. What was your first piece of streetwear?

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Ok so I remember when the olive and navy joints came out we had a thread for places to cop. Let's run that back.

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Ok guys let's do this shit. I honestly want to make it this month. I want to challenge myself and do what some may say is impossible. I don't want to hear no bullshit about in moderation. I got a new persective and realized that I'd be happy trying to do it and failing every once in a while, over not trying at all. Fuck that we gone do this. It's all about control and using your time better. We all got too much shit to do instead of fapping. With this I say we charge into battle and succeed this month!

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Let's bring it back fam. I'm already more than two weeks in.

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So I know there are quite a few members in California or who visit the state often. Who's trying to have a meetup?

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I have been entertained with this idea since I saw a poseter on the front page talk about how he said he would make his girl buy him a rolex if he proposed. I know dudes who drop mad money on a ring for their wives. Some people actually care about the money spent. I think all that matters is the look and if it fits the persons personality. I have been open to the idea of getting a nice timepiece as a way of sort making it a move even exchange. I mean first off the ring thing is only for jewelers to have a reason to sell rings.

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Been really getting into setup videos. I cleaned up my room alot and moved some things around. I got these new tables.  This is my setup 2013 21.5 imac i7, gt 750m, 24inch samsung monitor tv, vizo m series tv, Sony sound bar, with sub, two linnmon tables, and an Alex drawer from Ikea. I also have a futon and my bed in the back, so I can watch tv or movies on the futon or play games with friends on my ps4. [Image]

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Ok so i have an ear for music. I've always been good at recognizing beats sounds and samples. I wanted to start making beats on the side for fun. I think it would be a fun hobby and I would really get to be involved in something I love. Do you guys have any recommendations for audio interfaces, studio monitors - headphones, music mixers, beat makers, or even software? Right now I have a 2013 imac that has souped up internals. So I think I am good on that part. Just need the accessories and all.

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So my friend usually sends me funny pictures of people at the gym. So today there was this girl and it looked like she popped her hip outta place. I tried to send the picture to my friend on the hangouts app but it didn't send. I  go to resend it and accidently send it to my girlfriend. The picture is a girl on the machine where you lay down and raise your calves. So now my girl thinks that i go to the gym to take pics of girls. She isn't texting me back or picking up my calls. Man it was a great week but i just fucked it up.

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I know everyone else noticed it as well but I am just curious why a decent amount of posters have recently been wearing Cav empts at this time? It is just kinda strange on how many people are rocking it. Just feels like it popped outta the woodworks.

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It's my birthday. I'm not feeling my best and they got a nigga working 1:30-10. Fuck it though. I think imma call off and spend the day with Fam and my girl.

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I've been really into working out the past year and so I thought why not resurrenct one of the old threads. We can help each other out by sharing our workout routines, diets or anything else that helped you get where you are. Also another important aspect is displaying your fitness goals.  For me right now I am 209 pounds. I started working out over a year ago right before the summer. I was a slim 190 and wanted to get stronger because I felt like i was getting weaker over time. So i started going to the gym. I usually go 5-6 days a week. I have about 6 different groups of muscles i hit. Bis and Tris one day, chest another day, back and shoulders, legs, core, and one day sometimes of just cardio.  These are my results after a year of working out. I put them in a link just incase someone doesn't want to see me shirtless lol. This is April 6th 2014 the first day I started. [URL] Really proud of my gains. How is your journey?

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I usually would get my chinos from H&M but recently the ones they have been having just feel so skinny on me. I want some blue chinos that I can dress up with a nice button up or some boots. I really like the fit of my acne ace cash black pants but I don't think they make a blue model of the same material. Where are some good places to get chinos?

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Have you ever had someone on ebay try to threaten you over someshit they bought. I sold some shoes on ebay and i even fast shipped them shits so they got there in 2 days just like amazon prime and shit. I posted pics on ebay and these bitches still looked great. I haven't really worn them and I even cleaned them the other day. Well this dude sends me a message saying hey these shoes are beat we gotta do something or imma report  you. I'm like naw they were in great conditon when i sent them send me a pic. Dude hasn't replied yet. I pulled his number off ebay and called but this nigga hasn't repsonded.  I think this dude is trying to get some money back and cheat the fucking system. What do yall think?

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9/10 condition Supreme dunks. Only worn 5 times. Looking for 500. My rep btw Im certified on HB. [Image]

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