[URL] [Image] The new season looks clean, i'm surprised nobody else posted this. Too bad its so hard to find in the US for now. Theres a new store opening in Chicago hopefully they carry this too.

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Some of these are actually pretty nice, anyone else feeling them? French Connection Fair Isle Sweater [Image]

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All items are sealed in their bags. Shipping is $5. I only accept paypal. I can do meetups in Chicago. Might be willing to do trades in Chicago. There are no set prices so pm me with your offers. DS Italia Belt (Black/Green/Red) SOLD [Image]

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You know what to do

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I need them in an 11.5 or a 12. I've got the money so hit me up.

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Is there such a thing as fake shoes with 3m? Have they made fakes with 3m material? Anyone got any info?

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I doubt there are many metalheads on this forum but has anyone gone or is going to this?

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im going to my guys wedding in a few weeks, anyone know any alternatives to a suit. i was thinking just dress shoes, dress pants, button up white shirt and a cardigan. would this be too casual, anyone else have any ideas?

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Is ShoeTrends.com legit?

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Anyone have any good or bad experiences with their denim? I recently got a pair of Enjoi Emaciated jeans and the fit was pretty good for the price. Ive also heard good things about the Volcom raw jeans using Cone White Oak denim.

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Chicago better be next ?)?)?) People on the coasts get everything. tongueface Anyway this is great for them.

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Is Sneakers-stock.com legit? anyone heard of them?

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Anyone else have any experience with their clothes? I like their crew neck sweaters...

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