[Embed content] HAD NO IDEA WORDSPIT WAS ON THIS SHOW?? Seen him post his music and vids on hypebeast all the time. HES IN THE SEMI'S RIGHT NOW! HB GOTTA SHOW LOVE AND VOTE HIM IN!!!

Started by HB’s own Wordspit on AGT????, 2 Weeks ago in Music

y'all peep this kid out of Sacramento? he just released a new mixtape that's pretty good Chuuwee x Jonathan Lowell - Be Cool [URL]

Started by Chuuwee, 2 Weeks ago in Music

thinking bout getting one soon, anyone have any recommendations?

Started by In-Dash GPS System, 2 Weeks ago in Automotive

anyone get this yet? been thinking bout getting it

Started by UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

agreed to buy a g-shock for $40, sent him the payment and he said he shipped the product the day after. It's been a month later and still no g-shock, he wont reply to my messages. I understand there is a small chance the package might have been lost in the mail but lets be serious........ [URL]

Started by Scammer: roadteez, 2 Weeks ago in Buyer/Seller Feedback

worn once!! bought them two years ago on the release date Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro LS (sport red / varsity red / true white) - clear bottom sole - inside design is ridiculous - perfect condition, worn once!! [URL] 100% authentic $150 shipped or offer open to all trades -size 10.5-11 shoes -size L tees/hoodies hit me up for more pics/ info [Image]

Started by Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro LS sz 11, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

bought off this site about a year ago, still in good condition fresh looking trucker, 8/10 condition 100% Authentic 60 shipped pm me for more pics/info [Image]

Started by bape camo trucker, $15 Fitted Hats 7 1/2, 7 5/8 New Era American Needle, 2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

didn't see a thread for this and decided to start one.. this is one of the most anticipating albums of the year imo [URL] thoughts?

Started by Death Of A Pop Star, 2 Weeks ago in Music

Anyone watch this last night? I thought it was good but also thought it was going to be funnier (although it had some really funny moments) Thoughts?

Started by Freaknik, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

anyone having (or have had) the same problem? sony charges $150 to repair so i'm seeing if I can fix it on my own instead

Started by PS3 not reading discs, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Didn't see a thread for this so I thought i'd start it up... [URL]

Started by The Official Freestyle Battle Thread, 2 Weeks ago in Music

Really good album, glad i got it today... peep it out!!

Started by Consequence- Dont Quit Your Day Job, 2 Weeks ago in Music

Anyone know the brand of the shirt Wale is wearing in this picture? [URL]

Started by Anyone know this brand?, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion