[Quote] i would have said coat of arms, but they changed up there style now.

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lol...if you can pull it off. otherwise just let the transition come naturally, the time will come and youll know it. but those brands you listed besides j.crew are real expensive and not worth the money imo.

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[Quote] i dont use wallets i just put everything in my pockets, but in the details it says its tanned with a vegetable tanning technique and that its soft and retains the grain pattern of the skin. sounds good enough to me. only leather i own is a leather jacket and i keep it soft with conditioner

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i dont use wallets but i saw some nice ones browsing dunhill has some nice ones bit cheaper than the 500 price range http://www.dunhill.com/the-shop/leather/wallets/ these are nice too http://www.mulberry.com/#/storefront/c6198/c6201/

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find shawn powers skating and ask him to sell you one, otherwise i guess you just have to keep watch or wait for an announcement from them saying their officially selling in the us. i havnt heard any.

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[Quote] i still have that rollerblader streex guy. i still play with it and grind with the fruit boots. i also have the big brown football shark who's not pictured here. they also open their mouths when you press down on the fins...sick...

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focus on your studies. then make the girls like you. these facebook pages aren't healthy

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so with all this being said, you can buy any laptop and it'll work fine. anyone interested in a 2011 macbook pro 13 inch? lol

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reading articles on the main page. I remember reading articles back when kid robot/lupe fiasco/bape/stussy etc got real popular. i used to collect vinyl toys and articles would show up here when i googled it pretty sure, i could be wrong. but i know I've heard about hypebeast years ago. well at least the name. i also used to chill at dqm sometimes and they were shown on the main page. Ive never lurked the forums. Im pretty sure i know the real reason why so many people joined at the same time (2012) and I'm not talking about tyler the creator.

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his skating is really awkward on film, but so is any other kid who just started skating or in this case grown ass man. it seems like he's skating to do lots of tricks all at once since he's a celebrity and he's got that pressure. but imo he's got to stick to fundamentals and not jump the gun to gain that style.

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this thread is weird lol I'm filipino and have dated girls of almost every single race... not bragging at all ! just proving some of these statements wrong

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such a mind fuck right now. cheetor!??? i forgot about half these cartoons. i still have half my street sharks toys and burger king pokemon toys and gold cards haha. everything was a little cheaper back then and better quality. all this is part of why we we still have lots of creative people left in this world. unfortunately you dont see much of this kind of content and quality anymore with the newer children's toys and television which is really a shame.

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