If I were to go back in time, I'd probably try and do my best at school maybe even shoot for a scholarship or something. I felt I fucked around way too much in high school, sure there were great memories but I don't think it was even worth it in the long run. Most of the heads I used to be mad cool with have grown distant and understandably so. I don't think I regret anything though.

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u shouldn't use shampoo errday, that shit has all kinds of chemicals. Stick to washing your hair once a week..in fact, u shouldn't wash your hair at all, all the oil n sweat that your scalp will produce will provide a natural rogaine.

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This is some sad tragic shit. SHit like this makes me renounce my faith in god and religion

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i think the title of this thread pokes at being subjective..my favorite punk bands are The Ramones n Subhumans(U.K, DIck Lucas).. I know Ramones get a lot of flack for being the punk band that wanted to be mainstream, only to reach mainstream status after they all died, but their 20 years of nonstop touring gives them a shitload of cred. Subhumans had some dope song with smart lyrics, The Day the Country died is a classic punk lp

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it's safer to go raw when youre in a relationship or married...I think it definitely feels better as opposed to strappin a jimmy..I used to use jimmies when i was single with the relatively few girls that i fucked and honestly, i busted nuts quite rarely during intercourse, only did i do it afterwards when i cummed all over the chic's toilet seat as i smelled my fingers n thought about what i just did. The latex didn't serve me good yo..

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i see this is as the next trend in hip hop, twitter, and all that bullshit. Black people are trendsetters. #cannibalism

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nevermind, the way it's worded your text to link shit..just click on the link n lemme know. Also, where the fuck is the edit button?

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Sup sup fellas...I need some honest opinions about this artist who is on the come up. I personally think he's a dope lyricist, the knock might be that his songs are not all too polished in terms of production. [URL]

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Ghostface is dope..my favorite wu tang member has always been ODB in terms of personality n realness but as an emcee, i'd go with Inspectah Deck. Ghostface is dope but his verses for the past 15 years have been filled mostly w/ non sequiturs, nutmeg is a perfect example, like his flow on that track is bananas..but he's essentially just making words rhymes without a base or topic..GZA is another ruthless emcee but his raps are mostly battle oriented, ruthless nonetheless...Raekwon has mostly been carried by Ghostface so as an emcee I don't respect him cuz he relies on ♥♥♥♥♥s too much...INspeckta deck on the other hand has always been more poetic than anything, his metaphors n similes are gritty n comparable to that of Common n Nas(no i'm not reaching)..HIs best work is best seen on guest tracks n posse cuts where he somehow gets really inspired to say his best. BUt of the most of conscious of the WU, hands down, INS takes the cake, his solo efforts might be undervalued(i thought uncontrolled substances was dope, not a classic but helladope)but he already has some of the most quotable verses in hip hop n possibly all of wu tang, that's more than enough to put him in top 20 emcees of all time in my book. Check this, Ghostface n Meth have, quite possibly, a combined 20 albums but none of those verses can compare to an inspired Deck verse..Method man was only dope in the '90s btw

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lol..i got much love for Steve-O to say anything negative, i grew up watching his antics n still think he's da shit Edit: Steve-O is a bawse for taking punches from Mike Tyson

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I think I do get crushes but not the way I used to get them in middle school where u sorta fixate on a girl's looks and start having fantasies about having her as a girlfriend or some sort. My crushes nowadays are more momentary than anything. I think I have one of those momentary crushes on this barista at starbucks, n it's not like I get obsessed or whatever, but I think she's really pretty and wholesome..I dunno if that's a crush but yeah son. My crushes aren't sexual either it's more like admiring a painting u see at an art show.. platonic if u will.

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lol...u a good dude pootie..i remember that argument, goodtimes. Truth be told, Yeah, I guess bigger dudes are intimidating at first glance, physically. But never in my life have I thought my height restricted me from doing the things that I wanted to do, sure I may not be able to slam dunk or rebound like Rodman.. but I'm pretty sure I'll break any big dude's ankles any day of the week. I'll take speed over strength, wit over intimidation, if given the choice.. That's just me though..then again, some people are insecure over that aspect of height. I don't give a fuck..n since when does pulling bitches equate to being handsome? I already got a girl n have had several before, so that puts "the big handsome man" logic to rest. Look at mah ♥♥♥♥♥ Marc anthony, he done fucked with JLO n recently stole Will Smith's wife albeit ending his marriage in the process..n that ♥♥♥♥♥ is like 5'2. I'm safe though, I aint that short..I aint ronnel's height anyway who by the way has to wear stilts to take a snap of those fits. ronnel prolly be standin on telephone books when taking dem pics

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Not so much with coping it but just accepting it, brotha. I'm 5'6 n weigh about 120 lbs, so despite being short and thin as a twig, I still run my mouth like a heavyweight champion. The key is to carry yourself with confidence. If you don't have that it doesn't really matter if youre a pygmy ass kid or a Shaqlike giant that towers above ♥♥♥♥♥s, you'll still be u, at the end of the day it all comes down to your abilities/and or personality.

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[Quote] I got love for u Mos..But I don't condone beating the shitt outta women G. Ole girl looks like she got socked one too many times on the shoulder, looking all bruised up n shit. Stay Safe

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[URL] lol Edit: didn't see the other thread, delete this bruhman

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