dude gets mad puss, nsfw part 1 of episode Iceland [Embed content]

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the fuck, no planetside 2 thread yet? the game is amazing its currently in closed beta but you can easily get a beta key through [URL] best way of describing planetside 2, a sci-fi battlefield 3 game on a much bigger scale thousands of players on one giant map, taking over and defending huge bases best of all, the game is going to be [b]free to play[/b] [Embed content] [Quote]

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"we humans have no goals or meaning we create them to reassure ourselves" said that a couple of days ago got thumbed down why? prove me wrong keep religion out of this discussion please

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Got a bunch of never worn jordan sneakers laying around what would be the best/biggest site/forum to sell em? no ebay thanks

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what was the name of that cartoon?

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[Image] Selling a supreme 23rd version backpack More images: http://imgur.com/a/v9fhU BO: $200 paypal only I'm from the Netherlands so expect +$30 shipping costs if you are from the US throw me some offers

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What are memories? What is consciousness and where does it come from? Is it just a network of neurons or is it more than that? Can consciousness outlive the brain? Is there a spark inside of us that lives on beyond our physical selves? When a human dies, 20 grams+ of matter instantly disappears from the body. What is this unknown matter? Is it what our society considers a soul? Does it stay in tact?

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[Embed content] http://thatfix.com/2012/08/ab-soul-black-lip-bastard-black-hippy-remix-2/ Jay Rock killed it

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[Embed content] dizaster is on another level enjoy

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ive been making websites for ages, but havent really made any real money does anyone here earn money online? looking for inspiration, ideas, suggestions etc thanks

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recommend me some good HQ in ear headphones no beats by dre plz thanks

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