hi guys I want to buy this camel camp cap online from one of thailand website but I'm not sure this camp cap legit or not, so plz help me,thx alotblushing http://image.ohozaa.com/i/9ce/phj20j.JPG http://image.ohozaa.com/i/fcf/s8bb5a.JPG http://image.ohozaa.com/i/gb5/2iqCf6.JPG http://image.ohozaa.com/i/c7a/tYsBWv.JPG http://image.ohozaa.com/i/c9c/xt1hTK.JPG http://image.ohozaa.com/i/017/pz1psp.JPG http://image.ohozaa.com/i/f35/sLObiv.JPG http://image.ohozaa.com/i/75f/dY9loF.JPG

Started by supreme camp cap legit check, 2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks