Gucci la Flare done did it again [Embed content]

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anyone here in/know of people serving right now? is it for everyone? I was told you need a degree to become an officer, does this mean I can't be an officer without one? insights please.

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cutting my hours ridiculously and shit like i took their bitch. what should i do?

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title says it all, hmu y'all. condition doesn't matter, the more beat the better

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Everyone has at least one. share your tales of epic win or pure embarrassment here. A nigga recently turned 21, so that means you GOTTA get turnt up fell me? So I had this lil party at my cousin's crib, doing shots with everyone that showed up. The thing is though i didn't know where the shot glasses were so i resorted to using plastic cups. half full cups of goose and jameson. a nigga was feeling the wave riiii riiiiiiiiiii, so im chilling and my nigga comes through with the fat dub sack. now i don't smoke riiii, but shit its my birthday right? gotta do it up. blew that shit down. I'd say about 10 minutes later I was locked to the spot i was sitting fucking lost staring at the stars and coming to understanding the meaning of life. smacked a bottle out some chicks hand by accident, and she was tryna fuck, but a nigga drid so he cant understand whats going on. Made my way to the living room, tryna regain my life force so i can party with chicas and the homies but my body was fucking with my mind on some "nah b, you gon' stay right here". Bitches tryna give a niggas lap dances, tryna fuck, lesbians in the kitchen who aren't about that life (Yeezy reference). all that shit isn't even the bad part in my opinion, its the fact that this was 30 minutes into getting buck. long story short. no pussy was given, a nigga ended up knocked out.

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Post that GLEEESSSSHYYYYYYY [Embed content]

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in the NYC area por favor

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now a police state

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any tips how to clean this filth up?

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Sz 10.5 air max 95s Atmos BIN: 150 Trades in Vans Sz 10-10.5 8/10 comes with OG everything only down for meet ups in the NYC area (soho, brooklyn) [Image]

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no hoes no cake. spent the day in bed. i aint mad though.

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i love bitches. i'd name my 1st child "bitch" just so i could love them as much as i love bitches. i play Pretty Bitch every morning just for the word bitch. i take the long way to work each day so i can see the bitches on broadway. fuck bitches get money? nah chill breh. get bitches get money. now my question is, how much do you love bitches?

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been out the game for a minute so whats been new on HB? blushing

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Old lady falls in the train station and your train is right there, what do you do? Old lady falls in the middle of the street in the intersection, what do you do? Old lady just falls on a crowded sidewalk, what do you do?

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Aiight, so recently pics of both Rihanna and Cassie have surfaced over the internet and I'd like to see HB's ideas on the matter; who looks better, why this happened, etc. Dumb shit is oh so welcome lol.

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