Anyone know where I can get a pair...and preferably cheaper than the ones on ebay going for 150 shipped. Thanks.

Started by Red Dontrelle Willis Dunks, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

Anyone have a list of good streetwear/sneaker culture related fashion books? What are the respectable books about the "sub-culture"? Thanks.

Started by Streetwear/Fashion/Sneaker Culture BOOKS, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

anyone from edmonton here that's been to foosh recently? i'm thinking about going up to check it out in the next week or two...can anyone tell me what they have right now and what brands they carry. thanks.

Started by foosh in edmonton (december), 2 Weeks ago in Canada

Any good restuarants that you would recommend? A place where a few friends can sit down and catch up... something pretty casual and nice. thanks.

Started by SOHO: Suggested Places to Eat, 2 Weeks ago in United States

any locals going into the city to do some shopping? i'm from out of town and i'm down in jersey for thanksgiving. i'm hoping to do a trip to the city on saturday and check out: Recon/Nort Clientele Supreme DQM Flight Club Stussy Memes Union lemme know if you'll be around...i've never been to the city before and i'll probably be pulling out a map and wandering around. anyone wanna give me directions to the recon/clientele/supreme area by train/subway. i'm coming in through penn station. thanks.

Started by NYC - Sat. Nov. 25, 2 Weeks ago in United States

[URL] obviously not real but what's going on here?!

Started by ebay PS3 - Winning Bid $99 million ?!, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

[URL] anyone know where I can get a pair? 400 pairs only... brazil release...will these possibly be selling online? how much are these going for? thanks.

Started by "Flavio Samelo" Dunk Low, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

haha this just made my night...check it out: [URL] hope you enjoyed it haha.

Started by Smirnoff's TEA PARTAY! Hilarious!, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

what's was your first non-sb dunk? (anyone big on collecting the non-sb stuff?) shima-shima hi's for me then these: [URL] the shima-shima's are beat now but i still love 'em.

Started by first pair of dunks (not sb), 2 Weeks ago in Brands

what are the next few sb's coming out in the next month or two in america? thanks. -ching

Started by new sb's?, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

sorry... posted in the wrong section. see Legit Check section. thanks.

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