haha i definitely skated awhile back...first pair were the roces streets...then a little upgrade to the rollerblade swindlers haha ....and i ended with a pair of salomon STi's...oh man good times. greatest movie: quatro. it's good to see some "rollers" on here haha.

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Anyone know where I can get a pair...and preferably cheaper than the ones on ebay going for 150 shipped. Thanks.

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Anyone have a list of good streetwear/sneaker culture related fashion books? What are the respectable books about the "sub-culture"? Thanks.

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[Quote] you serious? haha a friend of mine just bought one and if it's really fake...whoever made it did a really good job.

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100% legit they carry legit artful dodger i think... i wouldn't be surprised if the bbc/bape stuff was fake...

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[Quote] culture said it... highly do not recommend it.

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terrible ahh... looks homemade.

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[Quote] serious? gotta give that one a try.

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taxi's my buddy just copped a pair and they are so nice... they definitely stand out if that's what you're looking for. i heard that the black squares/rectangles are something nike's actually starting to put on their shoes instead of polka dots. i heard that there's other nike shoes out right now or about to be released that have the rectangle dots.

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dang this is an addicting game hahah... 69. gotta give it one more try lol

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[Quote] get what you like bro... i like the pusheads more but that's cause i'm not a big AF1 guy...

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kennonmon - what kind of equipment do you use?

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[Quote] i'm with UKingdom on this one... it's a pretty dope idea and unique but i can't see myself rockin' it more then a few times...it would gets old real fast.

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oh and anyone know about the new shop Haven that's suppose to open on the 15th...???

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anyone from edmonton here that's been to foosh recently? i'm thinking about going up to check it out in the next week or two...can anyone tell me what they have right now and what brands they carry. thanks.

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