Wtf are you talkin about lol?

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I rock levi's alot you cant go wrong wit 501's but wait, I dont get it whats wrong with TR, some look good and around where i live i get them for around 70 which is 20 more than i pay for levi's and not every single one is a bootcut. I think ppl on these forums just hop on to what the person next to them says and agree with the mass, shit everybody just needs just to do you and not give a fuck

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I get where both sides are coming from with the whole SB are made for boarding so why not skate in em, and the other side saying that the shoes a like collector items but I gotta admit I dropped 300 dollars on two pair of special ed SB's and if i still did skate you would never catch me boardin in them. But, maybe in some cheaper 79.99 dunks at the most but thats just my opinion.

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Anybody know when they'll get new shirts in stock?

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Pete Rock I know you probably dont want everybody to know but where the hell did you cop some of those hi's? cuz they are ridiculous

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PF Flyers killin but all the decent colorways break the bank a lil bit especially on pick your shoes

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