Anyone from europe know what white shirt brand Messi is wearing by any chance? [Image]

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What do you guys think of this brand yay or nay? [Image]

Started by True Love False Idols Brand, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion There sold out around my area but are these fly sneakers or not?

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Im pretty new to the fashion game, usually just buy shit at the mall that looks decent. Usually just wear a RL or Lacoste Polo with Hollister jeans and some kind of Jordan/Forces. Anyways any good pair of jeans that I can get without too much effort for around a bill?

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What first post here so wasup, anyways where can I cop me some prps jeans? I bought my first Prps about a year ago and they STILL look like new which amazes me. The quality is superb and the pair I got just look so fresh especially the color. The manager there said he bought the same ones as soon as they had them but not many people in my area knew about Prps.

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