This guy Itsemedeka sold me the blue air max 1 from ebay, here is the link of the sale : And the shoes i received are FAKES (i collect air max 1 and the quality of the pair is just a joke, the tag is a wrong number, etc...) i told him gently to refund me and since 25days+ he is making me turn in cricle telling me he needs to wait for some imaginary transfer, i was more than nice telling him that i could open a paypal dispute and spread the word that he his selling fakes but he is still trying to f*** me by making me wait in vain hoping the 40days max to open a dispute on paypal will pass! Here we go now man everybody knows your a lil crook and i opened a fight on paypal which of course i will win and they can close your account for selling fake, that's really pro from you, PLUS telling me that you bought them at Flight club is so ridiculous, my dad could tell they are fake! Please don't buy from people that are dealing with fakes, even if supposing he didn't know they were which is pretty impossible i gave him like 25 days to refund me which he still didn't....

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air max 1 blue ebay Answer me soon or i will open a fight on paypal and spread the word about you selling fakes, i mean even the numbers on the tag are not good, how you think someone who knows about sneakers won't realise???

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50$ shipped

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wtf is so special about colette please someone explain me!!! Everytime i go ther with my pocket full of cash i come out with a sneaker freaker magasine, that's fuckin all!! Sneakers are way too expensive compared to web, and gear selection is a joke

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