Get yourself a 06 and newer Jetta TDI. Amazing mileage, Tons of torque and amazing ride. Its probably the best car you can get! And dont be off set about the miles on it, these cars for at least 500,000 miles!

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Anyone want to hook me up with a sick Jetta TDI? Im looking for one around Iowa... Cant stay away from those amazing engines!

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I love diesels!!!

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Definitely cardio and foods with less fat and carbs. I really enjoy the fruits and veggies. They don't have to taste bad. Get some sweet recipes off line and make then up! Grilled veggies are my favorite!

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Whatever My Brother Has I live in Iowa and my brother lives in Utah. He owns a bike shop that specializes in downhill bikes. Whenever I visit I either ride whatever his current bikes are or a demo bike. I think my favorite of his was his Transition TR450. Amazing Bike!

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