im still here. yo

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man I would do some unforgivible things to those girls

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damn.. one of the girls from my class just started on cambridge a month ago or so.. she was also student of the year in high school.. thats pretty awesome.

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Arcteryx is DA BOMB but you should also check out 66 north - Icelandic brand. their stuff is REALLY great, i've had one of their hard shells for about two years and it rocks my world. expensive but bomb [URL]

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fuck you teov (>smh smokeyface)), i hate the italian team so much, never hated a team as much as yours hah :D we all started playing soccer because it's fun, the italian team takes this out of football, I have never experienced a team being so good at making a game boring as the italians are... not saying that italy doesnt have a lot of great players, they do.. spain makes football worth seeing and they very definitely supreme to the other teams

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telemark [Image]

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haha notdatkid, you look very drunk, thats my kind of guy mahwha. this picture is 1,5 years ago and i think it was taken just before the "pass out stage".. and yeah, my hair looks filthy as fuck but it's still a funny picture. [Image]

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Yo Advantage, what kind of belt and jeans are those? And do you know if they are available online? //the fredd

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man all that stuff you are talking about sound tasteless. A tux should be clean and fit well. You could also just wear a black blazer/jacket with black pants, white shirt and a cool bow tie and then look for some really nice dress shoes. If all your stuff is individually cool it will end up looking fierce. and don't match your bow tie/tie with her dress. It's supposed to compliment the rest of your suit / her colors but not match. that's just too teenie

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yo hit me up with some of that u-n-i music, yiiiii

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[Quote] awwwww coool, well yeah im familiar with "rasmussen", it's a pretty common danish last name, actualle two of my friends are rasmussen's too but they ain't related.

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no problem mate

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[Quote] just bring the booze smokeyface

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well, thanks guys. and yeah the ceiling is low, its about 200-205 centimeters but it's nice when dark while the lamps / candle lights are on, gives a pretty chill vibe. im kinda just enjoying the evening with some late night music so i took some more pics trying to catch the lighting, didnt succeed to perfection though by the way - bring3mdown: that room H.O.O.D. certified :D [Image]

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Nice pics eveyone!.. this is not some art-kinda-pics, just pics from Justice concert last week to the electronic guys smokeyface [Image]

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