EDIT: Never sold these from a previous drop. Going below retail b/c need to pay for tuition + books. Both items are brand new with tags and original packaging. All transactions are through paypal and ship within the US, the descriptions and prices are below along with tagged pictures. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks! Schminx Coach Jacket, Tan Medium - $125 shipped, retail @ 160 Nike SB Tennis Shoes, Black Size 10 - $85 shipped, retail @ 110 [Image]

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so a lotĀ of members have been showing interest in fitness lately and figured it would help if we made one thread where people can discuss fitness, their goals, ask for help, etc. There is the Official Fitness, Nutrition, and Supplement Discussion thread in the sports section but lets get real, thats dead and nobody uses it. this way, everyone in off-topic can discuss lifting/running/health/weightloss/whatever and we won't have a million smaller threads about the same thing Previous Threads: [URL]

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so besides having everything handed to him, this kid went to the anne frank house and signed the guestbook "...Hopefully she would have been a belieber." So that shit gets to sit in the book as a part of history... [URL]

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delete thread 10char

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wanna pick up a pair of purcells but haven't had any experience with them. I wear an 11 in vans eras and most other vans, would an 11 work or do they run big? thinking along the lines of [Image]

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has anyone had experience with both and can recommend which they prefer? things like fit, quality, etc.

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anyone here ever have weird dreams that freaked them out? had one last night, everything was dark and then I came too in a diner with some friends. it was April and I had no memory of anything except thatwhen I went to sleep it was October. I had no recollection of anything that happened the past couple months. When I tried asking my friends what had happened they told me I was acting really strange previously. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and my face was unshaven and had a couple scars, and my hair was slot longer. I woke up and that dream had me freaked point

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basically anything in or with spanish. [Embed content]

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roommates and i are looking for some more posters for our apartment. post any you like or stood out

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anyone know of any good ones? bought this one from old navy for cheap but wanna invest in a better quality one. something i could use as a light jacket instead of a hoodie [Image]

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so i was reading on the vans sizing thread that all white vans run big so to size down half a size. is this always true? i wanted to make some white or off-white vans eras off the customization portion of their site. i have a pair of black era 59s that fit perfectly and are size 11. would customized white eras fit the same as an 11, or should i size down to 10.5?

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anyone have any experience with these. i fuck with their flannels ever since i ran into this a while back http://hypebeast.com/forums/general-fashion-discussion/139674/ but i have to get them tailored or else the waist bells out like a dress. i wanna cop a few sweaters that are affordable+good quality. thinkin of trying out ll bean again for plain ones, but not sure how they fit. anyone got any idea? do they run bigger like their flannel shirts? hows the length on them? [Image]

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$45 shipped or best offer paypal pm for more info Vans Mountain Edition High, worn only a couple times Size 10 [Image]

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So I need a laptop for college, just for basic shit like going online, music, and school work. I don't know shit about computers but I found this. $400 and i also have a $100 off coupon. 640gb harddrive and 4g ram, dont know shit about proccessors and graphics cards though... would this be a bad buy? my price range is like $400 max, maybe $450. this would come out to $300.... http://www.staples.com/Toshiba-L755-S5153-156-Laptop/product_424190 if this is a bad buy, any suggestions?

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delete me!

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