I recently broke my girlfriends phone and I need to basically buy her a new one. Its not under warranty or anything. I really need a blackberry curve preferably the gold one. I need a deal on it I really don't wanna pay 250 but thats about my limit. Any help would be great. thanks

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I know Scott Storch recently got some stuff repossessed for child payments, But me and a friend were having a debate. Whose got a bigger net worth? Timbaland or Storch? recent articles and figures would help, thanks

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Ok so i dont wanna make a thread about how to get my xbox back but i have some questions on the actual xbox 360 that someone might help me with. Does xbox have the records of what ip address was when a certain gamertag logged in? I dont have my consoles serial number, but I know that the person who stole my xbox signed onto xbox live. IS there a way to tell form the ip address the location of where the xbox signed on?

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Me and my friend were talking and somehow we came upon the topic of peeing in sinks. we concluded that peeing in the sink is an acceptable alternative to a toliet at times. does anyone else pee in the sink sometimes?

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[Image] is this a guy? someone told me that it was but i dont believe it tell me the name

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Police: Teen Killed Dad for Banning MySpace A teenager who confessed to killing his father last month told police he hated his dad for taking away his Internet access, according to a police report released Wednesday. Hughstan Schlicker, 15, called 911 on Feb. 6 and told the dispatcher he hated his father and had just shot him in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun, according to the report. "I hate my dad, couldn't take it anymore," he said, according to the report. Schlicker told police his father had taken away his Internet access after seeing suicide threats the teen had posted on social networking Web site MySpace.com. Schlicker had posted the threats in January; friends in Florida had seen the postings, talked him out of killing himself and called police. Police said they told Schlicker's mother about the threats and that she said she wasn't worried and would lock up any guns in the house. Schlicker said he often spent entire days on MySpace and couldn't cope when his father cut off his access to the site. "It felt like I was stabbed with a knife and it went straight through and

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Me and my friends were sitting around the cafeteria, and someone came up with the great idea, lets send texts to random numbers. I text one that just said fucking faggot. I didnt get a response. My friends did and lulz ensued. This was at like 630pm. I didn't get a response or a call back, At 9pm I get a call a guy identifies him self as some police department. He tells me that a person felt harassed from the message I sent. Apparently there involved in some sort of big law suite and they though it was from the other party. I told him I meant to send it to a friend and it was a joke not meant for the person who received it. He said I might get a call back and something might happen. He also said he might need to contact my carrier for conformation. If he contacts my carrier verizon does the plan holder(my dad) need to hear about it? Whats the word?

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I know there not series jordans, does anyone know what the hell these are? [Image]

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if anyone can help that would be great. what movie did people shoot tennis balls like at a building to distract the guards, and it could have been like a heist or something. someone help

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How to rip people off with PayPal: Seller's Guide Get a free ISP. Get a fake ID and use it to open a mail boxes etc. Later in ebay and paypal write it as Suite or APT so it looks like you live in an apartment. Open that mailbox 100 miles from where you live--pay for it in cash or money order, only come at night so the owners forget what you look like. Get a prepaid credit card as verification for paypal and ebay. The prepaid card comes delivered to your mailbox. Put $10 in your paypal account and buy 1000 one-cent ebooks. You now have 100% positive feedback and a feedback score of 1000. You are trustable. Optional: Steal someone's picture and put it on your ebay about page. We suggest cracky-chan. Get a paypal credit card. Sell the most expensive items you can. Empty the money in your paypal account using your paypal credit card. Stores may recognize you, so use an ATM machine. Disguise your face and license plate and go late at night. Delete your cookies, clear your web browser cache, and uninstall your free ISP. Cancel that prepaid credit card Repeat until rich. this sounds legit

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Yea so I kept getting bills on my credit card from Epoch.com. I finally checked into it, and it turns out I have been paying for 40inchplus.com(nsfw) for a year and just realized. Last xmas my friend gave me 25 bucks cash to get him a subscription to it and i thought i cancelled it. But i find out today ive been getting it for close to a year now. yea so that sucks

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CNBC.com The blogs might be rife with complaints about Xbox and its overheating issues. And a lawsuit seeking class-action status against Microsoft [MSFT 33.6 0.01 (+0.03%) ] because of Halo 3's alleged incompatibility with the system, might be working its way through the courts. But in the black-and-white and green world of Wall Street, it all comes down to numbers, and the Xbox numbers from the week including Black Friday are pretty stellar. Microsoft tells me the company sold 310,000 Xbox 360 units last week; beating, it says, PlayStation 3 sales by better than two to one. Not a bad week for a company that sold 366,000 units through the entire MONTH of October. Microsoft's numbers are still 40,000 units shy of Nintendo's [NTDOY 76.1 1.20 (+1.6%) ] for the "Black Friday" week, but this is a pretty compelling data point to show blog complaints about console failures are apparently not taking a toll at the cash register. Another datapoint: Microsoft says Xbox 360 software sales, the game titles connected to the game, are on track to outsell PS3 and Nintendo Wii software sales, combined. For the month of October, Xbox 360 software represented 54 percent of total software sales, accounting for $162 million. That compares to 30 percent for Wii and 16 percent for PS3, according to NPD Group. stolen from [URL]

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What is your opinion on it. I was thinking about buying and selling like 4 wii's.They get a fresh shipment everyday at the Nintendo World store, and their reselling on ebay for 350+. any reason why i shouldnt do this?

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[URL] after seeing that I almost threw up [Image]

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[URL] yes, we all hate soulja boy. This actually sounds alot better, check it out

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