from melbourne, dont really come onto HB anymore, maybe check it once every month or so. like gusto from Sneaker freaker most of the time as it is Melbourne based.

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[Quote] mm okay, whys that ?

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hey guys, im thinking of getting a pair of roadstas, though im not sure what size to get. In af1's im an 11, though in am90's i would probably be around a size 11.5 should i go up a size to a size 12 ? thanks in advance blushing

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wtf.. [Quote] man, you fkn retarded or something ?

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lol as if.

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lame this thread is fkn lame...tongueface

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who cares who cares what you think, wear what you want to wear, if you like it then so be it, you dont gotta worry what others think.tongueface

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boardflips are fkn ugly

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[Quote] your like fkn dumb or something, post like nearly a year after the thread is made wtf mate ?

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i believe they also called am1 " jamaica"..

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whoops my bad ~ close thread please.

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lol yeah im from melbourne we have about 3-4 stussy stores down here.

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just a little read, you people outside of australia know what tsubi is-

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100% fake the body parts are too small

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lol " add me if you like it " wtf ?

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