beverly hills cop eddie murphy [Image] i can see every characters in todays tv on the streets (breaking bad, how i met your mother, californication etc.). but where are the beverly hills cop kinda guys at???

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6 high score this year... what a boring day surprisingly quick ones lol

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[Quote] i assume the neg rep is from teov. so you aren't a snitch teov? shouldn't you hav learnt something from causes like mussolini, berlusconi? acting hard over the internet doesn't make you look straight son. seriously, i just have a problem with racism.

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thougt this would be a great idea, so we can blame someone immediately without having that general race talk going on race: caucasian ethnicity: spanish/brazilian/german eye color: light brown hair: dark brown go!

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i wanna order some stuff from and these shops only send to america anyone know any good shipping service ship to austria or will some legit guy please help me out? thanks

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[URL] discuss! for me this list is so messed up

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i wanna make a tattoo, so i have to be sure about the text. my english isn't that good =) ...the best way is to ask some english/american people: love can be felt, love cannot be said. happiness is not real unless shared. thanks for every help!

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hey all, i'm looking for a watch, wich is similar to that one here: [Image] ...btw it's a "CASIO G-Shock GLX 5600" which i photoshopped. thanks for any help!

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i need these, but can't find'em... can anyone help??? pic: [Image] thanks!

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