I can't stand the beat used for Fine, but the lyrics is dope as fuck, so I won't skip it. Best songs I think, are like But It, Cadie / The come down, Wiz Khalifa, Finer, Fine$t, Summertime, Camos, Big Pimpin', and possibly Me and My Niggas (in no particular order)

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[Quote] Earls voice fit the tone of the song tho. Rich kids that don't give a fuck. Throughout his verse he was just like "ehhhh" as if he didn't give a fuck, and that's what he was supposed to be, A super rich kid who doesn't give a fuck because he has all that he wants.

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Logic Pro, or Fl Studio. Those are what I prefer. And when I start Its usually a melody that I start with, Its a good starting point to set the overall mood/tone of the beat.

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[Quote] I'm almost 100% sure Target sold WTT, I wasn't really into the Carter 4's hype so I didn't follow it.

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Target apparently isn't selling this album because it got released early. So being that it got released early, the physical album sales will be low. Thoughts?

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Gay or not, that shit doesn't matter. Genius is genius. The songs on channel ORANGE are all amazing. He still brings that nostalgic feel opening up with the Playstation One intro.. Amazing. On Bad Religion he sounds a bit like prince (don't think hes purposely doing it though) Pink Matters.. Magnificent. From start to finish, that album is a master piece. Big Ups to Frank for this one.

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I have 1332 3.3 days worth. Had at least 5k but had to get rid of most of it.

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Robb Bank$ - Counting.

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