lupe is fresh

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kanye is good.. bnut jay-z is better

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we be steady mobben- wayne

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what is the release date?

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all i ever see is white skater kdis jerkin

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PSP games are so much funner and grown up game son nintendo are for kids

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damn those are hella ugly. its like a waste of a car

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damn that video looks sorta creepy by the costumes

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what are some other songs leaked off his new album?

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run this town is hella good

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Em is a hella good rapper but his lyrics and topics can b to extreme to the point where it makes him unlikeable

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is there a way to get like wheather on your home screen? i was looking for something like that eveyrwhere but i cant do a location

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limeire and ares

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they needa bring bakc King of the hill. They jsut cancelled it but thye shouldnt have that show was dope

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I got about 10 g's and need to get my first car. I can get any car for around that price it could b like a couple thousand higher and I have no idea. I was thinking like a 9o somethign M3 or an AMG benz but idk. Any suggestions?

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