[Quote] Arriving mainstream "now?" They've been here for awhile.. I've had mine for 2-3 years now & have always seen a pair here & there. But that's fashion & trend for you. You can't go out and buy a product and expect you to be the only one wearing it.. UNLESS you buy something that is ridiculously expensive that no one else but you can afford.

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I'm sure you guys are sick of his college track, but has anyone listened to his mixtape? It's quite impressive.. well the beginning is.. gets a bit ridiculous towards the end. But anyhow, his album drops on 420 [go figure], is anyone going to cop? I am a fan of his but maybe that's cause Undrcrwn endorses him. Peace, N

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Atleast this will be a bit more exciting than the Golden boy fight.

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Ezra brings up a great point about question #1. As for the guy who is looking for non-crotch ripping jeans.. I've had a pair of Nudie slim jims for the past 2+ years and yes, they are prone to crotch rips. I paid 25$ @ the tailor and never again have I had any problems with the rips. So, maybe going out and getting professional help might save you some time & money in the long run. If you have the cash, get some Dior MIJ's. You'll fall in love.

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Go Korea smokeyface

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Where did you get to see what's coming up for spring? Link, please?? Anyways, their sniper jacket is fire. I'm curious to see what's for spring as well.

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[B]Foreign Family[/B] is FIRE, don't sleep. smokeyfacesmokeyface

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