sock on knee.

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I do have to add that the only way to listen to it is either on a bumpin ass system or at the club... the dopeest part of the sound being the BASS...

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So I've really been feeling all the new dubstep styles... I am most fond of the west coast style a la 6blocc aka bboy3000... any other dubsteppers on here??? smokeyface

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I love his production I can't say I', a fan of his dj sets... no offense but If I wanted to shake my ass I would have gone to a house club... that being said he does mix pretty well.

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peep mine.... [URL] now les see yours...

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I don't think I like the word stoner... it has a bad connotation... I am a CA-215 medical marijuana patient, I medicate regularly to keep me going, but I am no burn out.

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sorry I am a little slow sometimes... I didn't see the link at first...I'll try and I'll post the results

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[Image] no black book just spray paint.

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do you have one yet? have you heard there were custom painted boxes available, someone lease put me on game...smokeyface

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I think that over all most graffit writers are over looked when it was them that should have some credit for even making "street art" a viable art form... slick, hex, mear, saber, cope2, dreye, free5, cern ymi, ewok 5mh, etc.... these cats risk life and limb for thank less art...

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very cool. I have been doing some night photos and this would be a great trick on some of those. does anyone know how big the shape should be?

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