here here's what you need to do. first of all your 13. your fat will go away in the upcoming years, as you will grow. if you are really concerned (which you shouldn't be, because you shouldn't care about girls at 13, and also girls like BIG GUYS once you start becomming 16-17-18-19 years ols, ). do 3 sets 35 situps in morning and night. also do 5 sets 20 pushups every day morning and night. incrrease pushups by 5 every week. peace

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UMM umm. right now im on some whey mango protein, 20g a scoop. but im about to mass, so imma eat some oatmeal + vannila whey 100% ON for breakfest, gotta buy that soon damnn sonn !!

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MY ROUTINE for the summer my summer was crazy rootine it was monday- chest, biceps, forearms, run 30 mins wed- triceps, back, abs, run 30 mins friday - chest, biceps, forearms, run 30 mins sunday- triceps, back, abs, run 30 mins. havent been able to hit the gym in 2-3 months, so just been doing some bodyweight exercises in my house. im about to go tonight, to buy a bench press, and some weights. my workout will look like this, im going to mass. MONDAY- CHEST, BICEPS, FOREARMS , ABS (if i find the time on this day) THURSDAY- TRICEPS, BICEPS, ABS and repeat every other days, gonna try to become super huge super faast, by lifting mad weight, and eating mad . my legs ive been working out for 3 years so im not working them out anymore.

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UMM umm i personall think most of it is like semi-par, only 1 hoodie is on par, and honestly im in canada, and i aint gonna spend 180$ on that thrash when i can cop an super duper nice artful dodger for like 100$ + 20% off , + no hypbeast charging me 100$ more.

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i i personall think zip-up hoodies are super ugly if you dont zip it up at least 1/4 of the way. thats why it doesnt really matter about your undershirt (to me). the hoodie is honestly hot, so u can honestly wear the hoodie with a pair of jeans and a pair of dunks, not that hard g,if u want a fitted just cop a black one, since black matches with everything (unless u wanna match with kicks).

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wtf [B]wtf, i dont understand, use some damn points.[/B]

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honestly wow, that is so damn ugly. honestly, why would u wear that ? do you think girls find that attractive. [B]NO[/B] those mo' fuckas should go back to wearing ecko,sean john, etc... cause that at least looked better than this . no joke. seriously. IT'S UGLY, NO STYLE. [B]just because you have a nice over-priced/hyped hoodie, doesn't mean you got style, it just means you have money.[/B]

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WHAT is everyone COPPIN for WINTER JACKETS? common ! wow, what is everyone coppin for some nice warm winter jackets, got any links to some nice websites, thanks help is appreciated, with pics if possible, peace bro. not too expensive, and nothing really hot on karmaloop atm, unless u can point it out, thanks.

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ss ..Crooks, FF, GrnAppleTree, Diamond, Mishka, 10 Deep, Stussy, and TH... can i say band-wagon jumper? its nice to dream.. and its also nice to actually do your dream. >smh real talk, opening a website is not that easy, especially an online store. because its much harder, then just having ppl come from ISS, NT and HB to your site and you makin' a living. SMH.

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on ... [Quote] on the other hand... he probably has 2-3 mill in his bank account............. but for real though, nice logo, it doesnt really look like bbc, but then again... your call reallly......

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that that is is mad fugly

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umm [Quote] umm no, cats in RW xxxl's actually looked [B]half decent,[/B] and was in-style at -the-time, this is just wack, common ARE U FRIKIN kiddin me look at the damn outfit, ITS WACK.

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that that honestly looks like a piece of thrash.

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homedawg nah g, i really hope your playin' with us, otherwise its not funny. ok first of all, no one cares if you "bag bitches". secondly, your not fresh thirdly, I couldn't give a fuck, if your fresher then me, as I don't need to be fresh to grab chicks anyways fourthly, life is not about how many girls you can get, so get over yourself fifth, stop trying to be funny, cause your not, and last but not least, please stop [B]SIXTH: you ain't so fresh if you keep postin on this message board EVERY 5 mins within a 6 hour time-span saying IM FRESH TO DEATH, that just proves that you have nothin to do on a sunday night.[/B]

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WTF [Quote] NAH g, U FRESH TO DEATH, HOMEDawg u get da ladies with that HOT OUTFIT, u look mad fresh to death HOMEDAWG, u got my respect.......... not >smh homedawg you aint fresh, i really hope you kiddin' please tell me u are homedawg u must be, u have to be ! you got suspenders? you an actor in roll bounce or somethin? lil-bow wow? SMH

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