For sale is a set of pocket tees in various size S - M These are homemade, and have no brand but still look very nice, If these aren't your size I have some extra fabric left that I can use to make some more. Willing to let them go for $25 each obo Gray Rooster Pocket : Small LA Clippers : Small White Tribal Stripe : Medium UCLA Bruins : Medium Burberry: Medium Giraffe : Medium [Image]

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Hello, I actually have no idea where a thread like this would go but anyway What I would like to say is , I've noticed a lot of people toying with the idea of launching their own brand, myself included. I am based in Orange County, California , and would like to offer digital t-shirt printing services at a reasonable price. which is perfect for Hi res photo tees. This is different from screen printing in that for now I can only provide printing on white t-shirts / sweaters. but there is no limit on color. The maximum print size is 11.7 x 17 inches. And there is no setup fee involved. The shirt will feel like the cotton was originally made. Ink will not fade after 50 washes. please email me for more details : [email][/email]

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Say what you will, but my boy randy has been running this company since early '03 And the designs are a bit character based but some do look pretty cool. Want to know what the peeps at HB think about the brand in general, and I know where to cop some of these shirts at a discounted rate. the website is here [URL] and here's a few of their pieces . [Image] Thanks for looking

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I have two adidas snapback hats for sale, Willing to sell for $20 each but 5 dollar to ship, so 25 total each. Both are new, never worn Detroit Pistons [Image]

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So a few of my friends are starting to design some shirts, we also have plans for hats kicks and flannels. Money aside, In your opinions, what other elements and else is needed to get some recognition, and be successful overall? Thanks .

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for those brands like supreme, crooks, and diamond Do they have their own t-shirt factory or do they wholesale from a shirt maker I always wonder since they have different wash instructions/ sleeve sizes.

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