i don't like spicy nongshim, kills all the flavors :/

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i had the munchies few nights back. grabbed like, two bags of Cheeseburger Doritos, cup of Shrimp Ramen, two fried eggs, and washed it all down with a Coke Zero good life.

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KD's an explosive player, but LBJ is just dominant in the league.

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Never was a fan of the Celtics, only Ray and Rondo caught my eyes. They're getting too old anyways, I'm more of a Phoenix Suns guy blushing

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haha, co-sign on the Old Navy V Necks. Cheap, but quality shirts and slim fit in my opinion.

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Many of my teachers realize that, and don't do alot of tests and have alot of hands on activities and grades us based on that. Anyone can pass a test if they just study and remember things easily.

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if it's a yellowing midsole from aging, it's impossible.

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It could be one of the TK Society Supras or as they said, Creative Recreations

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Nike SB Mid "Tokyos" Nike SB Low "Piets" (white, blue, red, yellow)

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Looks like one of his Louis Vutton X Kanye West shoes

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Transaction results go here. Thank you blushing

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are the send helps still up?

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