Man they just opened a Size? in southampton its such a badass shop

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im rrrly torn betweeen whether to pick either photography or textiles in college can ny body gimmie sum advice or tell me bout how these course are if youve taken them

Started by Photography Or Textiles, 2 Weeks ago in Photography

this is a tune by a uk singer called kyla an is produced by crazy cousinz. im not really into funky house that much but i jus love dis tune. (an da singer is kinda cute) [URL]

Started by Kyla - Do You Mind, 2 Weeks ago in Music

i reckon her work is bad ass i love all da patterns n stuff she did with the diana+ camera & shes cute. [Image]

Started by Dorophy Tang, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

I'm interested in why u toy collectors collect and wanted sum info like why u collect?, wat u look for in a toy and other stuff.

Started by Intro 2 Toy Collecting, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

i got banned from h&m for "life" (apparently) cause of sum stupid shit and not jus my towns h&m but every one in britain any body else encountered a similar situation?

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Any body seen this yet its da sequel to kidulthood [URL]

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dont know if this was already posted but this is a new video for kurupt off the gangsta grillz mixtape & i posted dat yessir tune produced by pete rock dat came out recently. [URL]

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new single from uk's sway of his mixtape he dropped this tune is more grimey music but he's still a sick emcee. [URL]

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Does any body know any good graffiti stores online i already know but they dont have much of a selection im looking for places that got montana hardcore

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[URL] Has any body seen this its a diss towards jay electronica and the cool kids. the boy doing the diss can spit i dont see why he'd wanna diss jay elec youd think he would have respect sumting

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[URL] riz mc - ppl like ppl

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a dope track from blind alphabetz, a uk hiphop group, featuring bcc's sean price who is 1 of my fav emcees right now. dis track is from their recent luvolution album they also have a track with m1 from dead prez. [URL]

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[URL] Im a Crooked I fan reckon hes a badass rapper but i reckon this title is cheezy he keeps using da word boss

Started by Crooked I - St.Valentine's Day Bossacre, 2 Weeks ago in Music