what do you guys think of the new roolz

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guys itunes just fucked up and messed up all my downloaded music, so no i need some new shit im probably gonna download what i already had but im getting a bigger mp3 player so i need moar music anyway lastfm: [URL] im into 90s hardcore/alternative/indie and modern alternative/indie lately i like some hiphop like mf doom and shit, but nothing like lil wayne really im up for anything as long as it sounds alright, most genres any help?

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sup guys which phone is better in your experience all im gonna be doing is texting and calling so i dont need a lot of extra shit [URL] or are there any other ones you'd recommend?

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post shit about christmas and shit i love this time of year

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sup guys im doing a graphic arts project of designing a cd cover, and i'm going for a 90s hip-hop kinda look anyone know of any resources or just really cliched things from the 90s?

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whatup check this shit apparently 97% of these haven't been seen before [URL]

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i'm looking for posters obviously but i want some cool d00d ones i'm looking at some from scrawl collective and turntablelab anyone have anymore sites? i want photography and modern/traditional art i've already searched the forums but the only site i really see posted is allposters and that's my last resort

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sup guys some faggot stole my cologne out of my gym locker so i have none now so i need another bottle or two what would you recommend? i was thinking about going to sephora in the mall to check out what they have, but i don't really have any idea of what i want suggestions for me to go see?

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apparently they did some shit with it and made diamond film i have a feeling it's not real but it's pretty crazzzy if it is [URL]

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interested to see what you guys think about this fyi: prop 8 is the california proposition to ban gay marriage yes=you want them to ban it no=you don't want it to be banned

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[URL] thought you guys might wanna check this out

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right now i'm feeling like shit depressed for no reason bored as fuck and all day i've been thinking about whether or not i'm wasting my life doing nothing also thinking about what happens after you die and like if how you live has any bearing on what happens if anything post post post

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the idea is to post things that make you rage like this vv When i went shopping once a week, went to thuh movies every friday. ugh i used to get everything and now i dont get anything and im always in trouble its fucking annoying and gay. Me and my closest brother dont even see each other anymore, that makes it even worse! Now im sitting here balling because i miss my old liife that im never going to have again:/ ugh! fuuuck this shit seriously.

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sucks dick ugh i hate this shit

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if someone told you something that could change your life....i maen really change it like make you alot happier..BUT they told you to keep it a secret. do you tell someone. or keep it to your self?? would the world be diffrent if there was no villonce in it? if it was just peace? if noone talked behind your back or did not cheat on you or the big one is did not lie to you?

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