Dont have much time when im going there this weekend, lookin to pick up a penfield jacket and/or a bag for the winter season. Anyone knows stores i can check out?? Not lookin for the limited stuff, just want to go to a place with alot to choose from. Would also be nice if anyone could give me a heads up to what stores i need to check. Not into that flashy stuff tho. Thanks.

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If your mouth gets to dry you need to eat some really sour candy, works perfect everytime.

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In norway, redbull is illegal. Kinda stupid, but i guess there is a reason for it.

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[URL] Caliroots still got some in different colors.. But maybe pricy for shipping.

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All i see in this thread is weed, any of you smokin hash? Thats what we usually smoke here in norway.. But the last week ive been smokin some real good weed and now it seems to be a hard choice between hash and weed, what do you prefer?

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These are not Japan exclusives, i found someone in a little shop in Norway. But they were too small.

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