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I can't find the video online but to everyone who has on demand digital cable. Go to sports and fitness then to havok tv and then to skate. The video is called Montreal Maniacs and I have searched for the songs in the video for about an hour and had no luck. Any help would be most sincerely appreciated. Please help me

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I will be in the city on sunday. Meetup?

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RIckqlo is 14 and from australia, he is a proffesional housecleaner [Image]

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Looking to Trade for Metal Gear Solid 1 on the playstation or other supreme/wtaps shirts. Most notably Supreme Divide and Conquer Tee. And if you have those for sale just let me know so i can buy them from youz. [Image] Looking for 60 shipped from paypal/concealed cash

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My mega schlep home town and school. Made came to my school and selected this girl to go from "geek to chic". This is where i go to school and live. This girl is a year older than me and graduated. I am not in the show but my friend kyle (looks like an ambercombie douche with psuedo surf style hair? is in the show alot as he is stacys boyfriend). It was mad funny though if you didn't know already everything is staged and scripted. A huge part of the show revolves aorund her failing calculus grade but in reality she never had lower than a C. ANd... all the interviews with other kids at the school are scrippted. Enjoy. [URL]

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Up for sale is this supreme tee with justin pierce on it. Very nice shirt only worn once for like half a day. Never been washed, in practically DS condition. Older preme shirt and very nice. NOt the most common thing you see. Looking for 60 BIN via paypal. Throw me offers though. [Image]

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Up for sale is a VVVVVNDS sneeze belt. I have worn it maybe 4 times. And it is very very nice. I am legit and i am the shit. This belt is selling for up to 100$ new so 80 is very good in the fact that it is virtually new. 80$ shipped via paypal. Let me know. Onto pics. Hit me up on AIM: Mbuch3147 I am a cold hearted bastard, but feel free to negotiate with me. Prices aren't in stone [Image]

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Cheep is very wise man, he can answer teh hard questions

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Anyone skilled at Vegas. Trying to edit this video, its a trailer for another video I am releasing later. Looking for someone to either help me out with it or lead me in the right direction for learning how to edit videos with Vegas 7. Like whats the best tutorial thats free online

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Happy Birthday Saftis [Image]

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my xbox 360 broke and im not going to be able to play untill tommorow...but i will be playing halo 2 tonight. anyone wants to play let me know... LX NIRVANA XL

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